Slips, trips and stumbles

In this deliberately incomplete and selective memoir, Mark Otter relates experiences from his extraordinary life of travel around the world. Some stories are interesting, some exciting, some of life-affirming importance, some humorous, some heart-warming, some hair-raising, some crazy, some quite silly and probably ill-advised, but all of them are exotic and fun. And they are all completely true. Some of the stories in this book are of extraordinary experiences of nature, humanity or even geo-politics that the author has been amazingly privileged to experience.

Read about his experiences of surviving a plane crash; having a first contact visit with primitive people; swimming in filthy waters where he should not have; doing some nocturnal wanderings in an unfamiliar city; making a fool of himself in Ireland; getting frustrated by officialdom in Russia; enjoying the delights of Scandinavia; exploring fascinating European history; swimming in a number of European countries but, most of all, enjoying the thrill of it all. There are stories here from about 50 countries; and there are still many more (stories and countries) to come.